A small cross-section of our clients in different industries (defense, communications, semiconductors, medical equipment, nuclear, automotive), areas of research (chemistry, physics, electronics, communications) and countries:

ABB, Sweden
ADtranz, Sweden, UK
Aarlborg University, Denmark
AerotechTelub AB, Sweden
AGC America, USA
Agilent, Taiwan 
Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Taiwan
Advanced Micro Devices, USA 
Analog Devices, USA 
Artex Aircaft Supplies, USA 
Astronautics Corp, USA
ATI Technologies, Canada
Atomic Weapons Establishment, UK
Axiom Microdevices Inc, USA
BAE Systems, USA
BAE Systems, Australia 
British Petroleum 
British Telecom
Broadcom, USA
BMW Group
CERN, Switzerland 
Conexant Systems, USA 
Cornell University, USA
CSEM, Switzerland
CSIRO, Australia 
Defence Evaluation and Research Agency, UK
Defence Forces Research Centre, Finland
Defence R&D, Canada 
Dept of Energy, Battelle, USA 
Drexel University, USA
EADS-Dornier, Germany
ENEA, Italy
Ericsson, Sweden
ESS Technology, Canada
Fastmetrix, USA
Flir Systems, USA 
Formula 1, UK
Indigo System Corp, USA
INFN, Italy
Institute of Optics, China 
Institute of Biochemical Physics, Russia 
Intel, USA (CA, OR)
John Hopkins University, APL, USA 
Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, USA
Lawrence Livermore, USA 
Lockheed Martin, Australia
Lockheed Martin, TX, VA, USA 
Marine Mammal Research Program, Hawaii USA
Matra, France
Max-Borm-Institut, Germany
Max Plank Hannover, Germany 
Micronas Semicondustors, USA 
Micronic Laser Systems, Sweden 
Ministry of Defence, Sweden
Ministry of Defence, UK
MISH, Japan
MIT Lincoln Labs, USA
Mitsubishi Electric Reseach Labs, USA 
Mondragon University, Spain
Motorola, USA
National Laser Center, South Africa
National Physical Laboratory, UK
National Research Council, Canada 
Nautronix, Australia
NAVMAN, New Zealand
National Inst. of Standards and Technology, USA 
National Space Science and Technology, USA 
Naval Surface Warfare Center, USA
Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division, USA 
Naval research Lab, USA 
Nokia, Finland 
Northrop Grumman, USA
Northrop Grumman Mission Systems, USA 
Pacific North West National Lab, USA
Panasonic Labs, USA 
Pelikan Technologies Inc, USA
Phillips, Netherlands
POSTECH, South Korea
Princeton Plasma Physics Lab, USA
Oak Ridge Labs, USA 
Ophir Corp, USA
ORNL/Spallation Neutron Source, USA 
Pilkington, UK
Qualcomm, USA
Ratheon / IDS, USA 
Rolls-Royce, UK
Royal Ordnance, UK
SAAB Automobile, Sweden
SAAB Ericsson Space, Sweden
Sandia National Labs, USA 
Seagate Technology, USA 
Siemens, Denmark 
Sierra Nevada Corp, USA 
System Planning Corp, USA
Texas Instruments, USA 
University of Arizona, USA
University of Basel, Switzerland
University of the Armed Forces, Hamburg
University of the Armed Forces, Munich
University of Illinois, USA
University of Pretoria, South Africa
US Navy, USA
Valeo, Germany 
Valeo, Hungary 
Virginia Polytechnic Institute, USA
Volvo Bus, Sweden 
Volvo Car, Sweden
Volvo Truck, Sweden
Volvo Penta, Sweden
XonTech, USA