Measurement and Signal Generation Software

The choice of the software that you want to use with the instrument card to control your measurement or signal generation task will largely depend on your own personal preference or the programming resources available in your company.

Fortunately, Strategic Test provides a wide range of options that can be summarized as follows:

  • Operating system : Microsoft Windows or Linux
  • Low-level programming: C/C++, Visual Basic, VB.NET, J#, C# Delphi or Gnu c
  • High-level programming: LabVIEW, MATLAB, Agilent-Vee, DASYLab, LabWindows/CVI or Excel (VBA)
  • No programming : programs such as SBench or SPviewIT
What software is included with the instrument card?

Every Strategic Test instrument card includes drivers for Microsoft Windows and Linux, together with source code programming examples for the following tools:

(UF2e series)
(UF2 series)
(UX series)
(UU series)
Microsoft Visual C++ y y y y
Microsoft Visual Basic y y y y
Microsoft VB.NET y y n n
Microsoft J# y y n n
Microsoft C# y y n n
Borland C++ y y y y
Borland Delphi y y y y
Microsoft Excel y y y y
National Instruments LabWindows/CVI y y y y
Gnu C y y y y
Optional drivers

In addition, the following drivers for the most popular measurement or analysis programs are available as cost-options. These are supplied with a printed manual and examples that you can use as the basis for your own project.

(UF2e series)
(UF2 series)
(UX series)
(UC series)
LabVIEW y y y y
MATLAB a y y y
Agilent-VEE y y y y
DASYLab y y y y

SBench is a flexible measurement and signal generation Windows program that works with all of the instrument cards. It is supplied free of charge with each card.

SBench does not require programming and so is the fastest way to start using the instrument card. For users who will ultimately write their own programs, SBench can be used as a quick everyday tool and allows you to check your code against the results obtained from SBench which is a known reference. See the Learn section to read more about SBench.


SPviewIT is a cost-option that has been designed for non-programmers to achieve high-speed data acquisition with hard disk streaming. The software turns the PC in a virtual instrument with powerful functions that includes data analysis and graphical display or multi-GByte data files.


Another program called SPEasyGenerator is also included at no cost for the Arbitrary Waveform generator cards. Developed using LabWindows/CVI, this is a simple software instrument that allows you to generate various standard analog signals like a bench-top signal generator.