Mfr. Part #: M2i.4631-exp

Quick Overview

  • Up to 500 kS/s on 4 channels

  • Simultaneously sampling on all channels

  • Software selectable single-ended or differential inputs

  • Separate ADC and amplifier per channel

  • Programmable input offset of +/-5 V

  • Up to 1 GSample on-board memory

  • 256 MSample standard memory installed

  • 8 input ranges: +/-50 mV up to +/-10 V

  • Window, pulse width, re-arm, spike, OR/AND trigger

  • Synchronization of up to 16 cards

  • PCIe x1 Gen1 Interface

  • Works with x1/x4/x8/x16* PCIe slots

  • Software compatible to PCI

  • Sustained streaming mode up to 160 MB/s


Application Examples

  • High precision audio measurements
  • Vibration analysis
  • Life cycle tests of plastic components

The M2i.46xx Express series allows recording of one, two, four or eight channels with sampling rates of 200 kS/s up to 3 MS/s. These cards offer outstanding A/D features both in resolution and speed for PCI/PCI-X and PCI Express. The powerful A/D amplifier section offers 8 different input ranges, programmable offset and a software switching from single-ended to differential inputs without decreasing the number of channels. The enhanced FIFO engine is capable of streaming even 8 channels at a sustained 3 MS/s to memory or hard disk.

In contrast to the parallel PCI buses PCI Express slots contain serial point to point connections. Each connection pair (lane) is able to reach a burst connection speed of 250 MBytes/s. The Spectrum PCI Express cards base on the most commonly used x1 lane slot type. One advantage of the PCI Express technology is the direct connection of each slot allowing a full transfer bandwidth for each single card. On the software side there is no difference between PCI/PCI-X or PCI Express. PCI Express is the bus standard for PC based systems for the next couple of years. Today's State-of-the-art motherboards normally have a couple of PCI Express slots but only one or two PCI-X slots. Spectrum's PCI Express x1 cards can be used in any standard PCI Express slot be it x1, x4, x8 or x16. Only some dedicated PCI Express graphics slots may not work.

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