Docking Stations

The series of PCI docking stations enhance the application possibilities for the Spectrum boards. The system provides high performance for both static and mobile testing situations. The PCI hardware plugs into the external docking station, which in turn is connected via a Thunderbolt II/PC-Card/PCMCIA or ExpressCard interface to the notebook.

The cooling of the measurement card is already included in the docking station. It is possible to use all Spectrum PCI cards with this solution, with Windows platforms XP/Vista and Windows 7 being supported. All Spectrum PCI Express cards can be used in one of the Express Docking Stations under Windows XP/Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or Linux 32 bit and 64 bit. Using one of the Express Docking Stations gives you full transfer performance as if the card is directly plugged into a PC. The PCI Express Docking Stations are ready for high-speed but low-space streaming applications.

The docking station can obtain power from an external power supply, an integrated power supply as AC or DC version or using a special car adapter for an automotive cigarette lighter. The Spectrum driver supports hot-plugging for all operating systems. This allows the easy connection of the measurement system to a running system as required.

Only Supplied with Spectrum cards

This is an add-on product for Spectrum's own line of instrumentation product. This product is therefore solely sold together with one of these and not separately.