Examples provided for all of the UltraFast cards


LabWindows/CVI can be used with all of the UltraFast digitizer, arbitrary waveform generator and dhigh-speed digital I/O cards.

The standard UltraFast driver for Windows can be integrated in LabWindows. Examples are provided that show and explain this. The examples are free of charge.

All of the hardware features of the UltraFast cards can be used. Including the wide variety of triggering possibilities and the additional options such as Multiple Recording, Gated Sampling, Time Stamp or the Extra I/O boards.

It is also possible to configure multi-board systems. Up to 16 UltraFast boards of the same or different types can be configured using the Cascaded Synchronization or Star Hub Synchronization hardware options. - all board are then accessed and controlled as a totally synchronized system through DASYLab.

Using the UF driver with LabWIndows/CVI you can perform high-speed measurements or signal generation, and either record the signal data to the large onboard memory, or decide to continuously stream the data to the PC RAM or hard disk.