Datasheet, pdf

SBench 6
Data acquisition for Windows and Linux

SBench 6 is a powerful and intuitive interactive measurement software. Besides the possibility to commence the measuring task immediately, without programming, SBench 6 combines the setup of hardware, data display, oscilloscope, transient recorder, analysing functions and export functions under one easy-to-use interface. All current UltraFast data acquisition cards are supported.

The software is available for Windows and Linux. Both versions are based on the same source code to ensure that the Windows and the Linux version are equally provided for. The software development is based on a common API that is available for Windows, KDE and Gnome still providing the look and feel of the specific window manager.

SBench 6 is a completely new concept and has been adapted to the increased needs. It is easily adapted to the new card series with new features integrated into the modular structure of the software.

  • SBench Base version supplied free of charge
  • Available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Available for Linux KDE/Gnome
  • Fast data acquisition supporting RAID disk arrays
  • Designed to acquire and handle GBytes of data
  • Display of analog data, digital data and frequency spectrum
  • Integrated analysis functions
  • Import and export filter
  • Enhanced cursor functions
  • Fast data preview function
  • State-of-the-art drag-and-drop technology
  • Thread based program structure
  • Easy usage with docking windows and context menus