SBench 6 is a powerful and intuitive interactive measurement software. Besides the possibility to commence the measuring task immediately, without programming, SBench 6 combines the setup of hardware, data display, oscilloscope, transient recorder, analyzing functions and export functions under one easy-to-use interface. All current Spectrum cards are supported.

SBench 6 application areas coverage

  • Oscilloscope like usage of digitizers, A/D cards and digital acquisition cards

  • Transient recording and display of several GByte of data with a powerful streaming engine

  • Hard disk data streaming up to the limit of the used bus and hard disk array

  • Logic Analyzer display of data

  • Remote access of digitizerNETBOX products

  • Use fast digitizers as spectrum analyzer

  • Easy-to-use Acquisition front-end for 3rd party products like MATLAB

  • Acquisition and replay of data including automatic data resorting

  • Data analysis with powerful measurement functions and function interpreter

  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator front-end