Technical Support

Technical support, software and firmware updates are provided at no cost for the product lifetime. We are still supporting cards that are more than 15 years old! To receive support, please either contact your salesperson or send us a message using our contact form at . 

Please include the following information with your support request:

  • Product part number 
  • Product serial number
  • Operating system and software driver version
  • Software used (if using SBench6, or one of our MATLAB, LabVIEW, etc drivers, please include version number)

Creating a Log FileCreating a Log File

To answer your support questions as fast as possible, the setup of the card, driver and
firmware version and other in- formation is very helpful. The Spectrum Card Control Center found in the WIndows Control Panel, provides an easy way to gather all that information automatically.

Different debug log levels are available through the graphical interface. By default the log level is set to „no logging“ for maximum performance. The customer can select different log levels and the path of the generated ASCII text file. One can also decide to delete the previous log file first before creating a new one automatically or to append different logs to one single log file.

Note! For maximum performance of your hardware, please make sure that the debug logging is set to „no logging“ for normal operation. Please keep in mind that a detailed logging in append mode can quickly generate huge log files.